As beekepers, Dave and Ruth are always keen to encourage people to take up this fascinating hobby.  We love to share our knowledge and let’s be honest, ask any beekeeper a question about bees and you can’t shut them up! So as you can imagine,  we love training new beekepers.

This month, in  June 2021, we had the pleasure of training Roy, Debs and Col and spent time with them teaching them not only beekeeping  theory  covering the colony, hives, apiary location, beekeeping calendar, tool kit, pest management and much much more,  but they also had a chance to do some practical work too.  They even helped us inspect  not 1 but 3 hives!

They all had the opportunity to see a newly mated queen who was just getting to grips with laying eggs, a great opportunity to see her lay mutliple egg in one cell !   I’m happy to report that she has now settled down and is happily laying as she should.

The three of them did a great job and even manged to spot eggs and a new unmarked queen – not easy for a new beekeeper.

As we intentionally keep attendance numbers low on all our courses,  it means that our trainee beekeepers get our personal attention and are able to ask lots of questions.

We are really looking forward to supporting Roy, Deb & Col on their beekeping journey and in the next few weeks hope to share with you news about their apiary set up.

In the meantime, we are now preparing for our next intake of trainee beekeepers who will attending our Introduction to Beekeeping Course on Saturday  3rd July.